Friendly Neighborhood Pedophiles

I just finished watching the series called “Surviving R. Kelly” on Lifetime. I remember R. Kelly from when a video circulated showing him peeing on a fourteen year old girl and having sex with her. I even watched the video for about thirty seconds. For me to have seen it, this video was in WIDE circulation, available for middle aged housewives to view. I can imagine what the jury must have felt, having been forced to watch the entire travesty on their way to acquitting him on child pornography charges.

R Kelly left the courtroom, ready and able to continue being a money maker for the music industry. The hiphop community love him, fans love him. And this is where the series became most fascinating, in a decidedly twisted fashion. They called him the Pied Piper. No need to explain.

Young girls are easy. Gullible. Married at nineteen, I can attest to this first hand. When you hear of things like R Kelly’s band of underage sex slaves, and then on a caucasian level, Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express, you can understand how easily money and influence can buy a gaggle of teenagers who will grow up to be regretful, weepy adults. When these sordid enterprises make headlines, the outcomes depend completely on money and influence.

Our 2016 presidential election was headlined by two participants of the Lolita Express, as both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump had flown with Jeffrey Epstein. There’s no shame in it, as witness the popularity of “I believe I can Fly”, the iconic R. Kelly song sung by just about every church choir in America.

It’s very uplifting, this song “I believe I can Fly.” It doesn’t even bother me that a pedophile was its composer, even though whenever I hear the song, this thought always comes to my mind. On a national level as well, I look at Trump and think to myself, we’ve elected a sexual deviant. But what could I do at the ballot box? He ran against a woman married to a sexual deviant.

Of course, I’ve formed a theory about this. We accept psychopaths as part of our lives because, like it or not on a very spiritual level, we are an entire country of fourteen year old girls.