A Cartoon about Mooning

At first, I wanted kind of a multiple choice test, for which the the audience had to pick out the Supreme Court Justice, but then the cartoon became an issue of race. It missed the point. I realized I so wanted sympathy for Justin Fairfax. His past transgressions so mirrored those of Brett Kavanaugh. Why not let him stay as Lieutenant Governor? Because African Americans get punished while white Catholic rich boys go on to be Supreme Court Justices? Huh? IS THAT WHY????

This cartoon occurred to me very suddenly, so I quick did it. I’m still getting adjusted to the new Photoshop. My method here was to to everything, sketch to finishes, on the computer. I’m not completely satisfied with the results. That being said, the point of the cartoon comes across.

Whatever pushed me to put #MeToo trampstamps on their butts, I don’t know. Sympathy for Fairfax evaporated. The question of race became no longer relevant. At first, I thought these two guys were mooning the #MeToo movement, then I realized they were part of the new #MeToo movement, the brotherhood of young predators gone on to successful careers. I had come to that place I like in an editorial cartoon. A thoughtful place. A place of contradictions without pat answers. A place of irony.

The New MeToo