Be Best

With a husband who has twitter tirades against anyone not up to his standards, the First Lady has chosen online bullying to be part of her whatever you call it that First Ladies do. She would be better off giving makeup advice to young girls aspiring to become first ladies. Or fashion tips. Something genuinely in her wheelhouse.

If you have trouble reading this, it begins with Melania saying “I have Somethink new to keep me busy and to travel overseas thanks to you American taxpayers. I call it “Be Best”. Eet ees about keeds and well-being bullying and even drugs.”

Second Panel: “Poor Illegal keed. I veel make sure you go to a no keel shelter.”

Third Panel: “My phone is ringing. Hello, Roksanda. I need a new travel outfit.” Meanwhile, Donald Trump shouts “That caged kid is a loser!”

Fourth Panel: Melania says,”Go grab yourself some Poosy while I continue with my message of no bullyings and other important stuffs. You are president now. You can grab like crazy. Mueller says eet ees ok.” Donald runs off, shouting, “Holy crap! I’m late for my scheduled foursome!”

Fifth panel: “Vy I marry that guy. Oh yes. He vas wery vealthy.”

Final panel: “Being trophy wife ees not all eet ees cracked up to be. Siri, schedule botox injection. I must be best!”