I came across a video by Dr. Kyle-Sydell who is an emergency room doctor in Brooklyn. Coronavirus, he said, did not present as with typical respiratory symptoms even though the push in the medical field is to put everyone with poor oxygen saturation onto ventilators. He echoed another doctor in Germany, Dr. Luciano Gattinoni, who observed the same thing. The respiratory distress caused by Covid mimics the bends or altitude sickness. In other words, oxygen deprivation isn’t caused by inadequate breathing, but by some underlying and poorly understood mechanism requiring something other than ventilation to increase oxygen levels.

Dr. Gattinoni actually put his theory into practice in Italy. It worked very well for all but the sickest patients. Ventilators still have their place. I find this all very hopeful, since it just might be that the cure was killing the patients. I’ve since come across other articles which argue that perhaps Covid is a disease of circulation, causing systemic inflammation of the blood vessels.

I find only one thing troubling abou all this. Dr. Kyle-Sydell’s video was posted three weeks ago. Dr. Gattinoni has been implementing his system for longer than that. I don’t know why I was required to hunt through the internet to find this out. Where are the big media organizations, who constantly predict vaccinations and other pie in the sky cures for Covid.

Maybe we don’t need a cure so much as a medical system that knows what to do to help a patient recover without doing more harm than good.