If there is one place I would point to that the journalists have completely failed it is with history. William Barr himself had recently stated that History belongs to the victors. This sent a chill up my spine.

I am a huge conspiracy buff. William Barr’s name is in practically every index of the books on my conspiracy bookshelf. He trained in the CIA under Clines and Shackley. He worked the Iran/Contra detail. He was keister deep in Iraqgate. He extricated George HW Bush from the jaws of infamy when Weinberger no longer had to testify. The Right Wing Government fixer.

So when Donald Trump became president with the promise of clearing the swamp, look no further than William Barr. He is the swamp. He is swamp man. With a little legal mumbo jumbo, he freed a clearly guilty Of lying to the FBI Michael Flynn.

Say WHAT?!?

That Journalists are poor keepers of history is a good thing for Mr. Barr. And Mr. Trump. And all the other swamp creatures hanging around Washington.