Law and Order President

The photo op orchestrated by Donald Trump in front of St. John’s Church has become a wide ranging meme. I, too, wished to join the mementization of this bizarre event and came up with this cartoon. The medals on Trump’s chest were inspired by an article by Nina Khruscheva in which she said the superlatives Trump heaps on himself reminded her of the politburo old farts who used to give each other medals for doing nothing. I figure Trump never read the Bible, but he might be interested in Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book, considering Ghislaine Maxwell recruited girls at Mar-A-Lago for Epstein. Also, his one time Labor Secretary had been involved in getting Epstein a ridiculously light sentence as well as other related legal shenanigans as Florida’s Attorney General.

Anyhow, it was a completely stupid photo op, blatantly self serving in a time of national crisis, useless on so many levels, and well deserving of ridicule.