The Trump Autonomous Zone torched Obamacare

Trump once again goes on the Obamacare offensive, absurdly during a pandemic, when the meager protections offered by Obamacare really mean something. Of course, a whole cadre of hoi poloi echo chambers start up their engines, regardless of how the corona epidemic has exposed the worst weaknesses of a privatized medical system. For example, hospitals starved of elective surgery patients, are cutting pay for staff, and even cutting staff.

The forced wearing of a mask has also become a cause Celebre for the downtrodden right, being that the rules in place for coronavirus smack of socialism and government overreach. And so now the very states at the anti-mask epicenters are faced with overwhelming covid cases. Even less chance of elective surgery for cash strapped hospitals. Ha! Take that, socialism!

So we are at a crossroads as a society, but alas, I don’t think we as a country have the guts to deal, having put all our hopes and wishes on a president who, let’s face it, loves being rich and playing golf, the country be damned.