The Whole Enchilada

I read quite a few books about, for lack of a better name, The Secret Government. You come across William Barr’s name in many of the indexes. He bailed out George H.W. Bush from being implicated by the content of Secretary of Defense Weinberger’s diary by arguing for a pardon. The then suddenly non existent evidence also led to further dismissals. As a result, history and the law was left with a huge donut hole between the Carter and Clinton administrations, the “tear down that wall, Mr. Gorbachev” donut hole, because apparently these words went a long way to justify everything illegal.

Barr, like many on the far right in his income bracket, have a very righteous view not only of themselves, but their political mission. That’s why I drew I him in a cardinal’s garb. That and because he’s a very devout Catholic. Behind him, a trail of tentacles of all the various high level transgressions he personally lent a hand in suppressing, legally speaking. Being a good lawyer means cultivating a very proficient control of sophistry able to circumvent morality while arguing just the opposite.

If George W. Bush had William Barr as Attorney General, he very well might have succeeded in codifying and legalizing the excesses of the security state, being that after 9/11, the power of the presidency expanded exponentially, suddenly, overnight. I don’t know why he decided on Alberto Gonzalez, a creepy little nothing, or John Ashcroft, a religious fly weight, intellectually speaking. Barr had done as spectacular job of helping out his father as George H.W. Bush’s Attorney General.

It’s a puzzle. But to paraphrase something from the movie Poltergeist: He’s Ba-ack! CIA past, high profile cases tossed to conspiracy winds, cross, legal briefs. The whole enchilada.