Destroy all Evidence!

I’ve been fascinated with the Jeffrey Epstein case for a long time, watching with a slack jawed resignation that when you think things can’t get any weirder, they do. I read this morning that Ghislaine Maxwell had been FINALLY apprehended as Epstein’s accomplice, long after he’d been found dead by strangulation in his prison cell. I mused to myself if she, too, would end up a similar suicide in jail when I glanced at the next article in the newsfeed. Judge Loretta Preska orders evidence destroyed, to the consternation of victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre AND Alan Dershowitz, her opponent in the courtroom. OH COME ON!!!!!

Reminded me of the Judge Hellerstein ruling. This involved the case of 9/11 victim Mark Bavis which finally came to trial in the late summer of 2011, being the only victim whose case actually even came close to trial, and things were getting discovered about the security systems at Logan. Sure, the judge ruled, it’s time for your day in court, but you get one day. One day only. Well, not really. He ruled in fact that they only had one month for the trial. I don’t know how that can possibly be legal. But I can honestly say that is the very moment I realized that American law had gone belly up. Not surprisingly, the Bavis family decided to settle after all.

My guess is that Ghislaine Maxwell has nothing to worry about. Except maybe the video in the maximum security cell going on the fritz, the guards forgetting to check on her, and so forth and so on.