A Decision Based on Fact?

So you know, I do these cartoons on my Galaxy Note, sitting in front of the TV. I have a job I have to put out for a client, but instead I worked on this because the Rose Garden event unveiling Amy Coney Barrett as a nominee for next Supreme Court Justice irritated the heck out of me on so many levels.

You would think she would have said something to the President like, I would like everyone to wear a mask at my coming out party and distance themselves by six feet so there are no covid infections.

The president would probably have laughed at the pretty little lady and said that his “thing” for the elections is to let people freely choose whether or not to wear a mask. What kind of signal would it send to his base if the White House—the TRUMP HOUSE—demanded masks at the Rose Garden event.

Amy Coney Barrett, being an intelligent super brain with great legal argumentative powers should then have retorted with something clever like, Fine, have your super spreader event, but without me. So there, take that, deal with it. Much like Trump himself refusing to do the next debate with Joe Biden on account of it being virtual.

Instead, we have these sordid pictures of Amy Coney Barrett’s kids talking up close and personal to mucky mucks destined to test positive to Covid within a few days of the Rose Garden Event. This includes the President himself.

Think of it, if Amy Coney Barrett had stood her ground, had taken the facts of the covid epidemic as presented by the CDC and scientists around the globe, she could have saved the President himself and the ignominy of Steroid induced pronouncements of “I can kiss you All” in front of crowds not fully informed of whether the president still has the Covid infection.

Sometimes the most important decisions are the small ones.