Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania

So this is my second project using the program Procreate on the Mac iPad Pro. I found out today just how much energy the program sucks up when I noticed I was at 5 per cent battery after working unplugged for a couple of hours. Sheesh.

Now about the cartoon itself…

Words can’t describe how I detest Elena Kagan for voting with the men of the Supreme Court to let these Catholic biddies exclude contraception from employee coverage. For one thing, it’s cheaper to pay for birth control pills than for the doctor’s visits and hospital care associated with pregnancy. For another, the Supreme Court in Our Lady of Guadalupe School v Morrisey-Berry, a decision handed down concurrently with the Little Sisters decision, gives the Little Sisters the right to fire pregnant employees without worrying about any discrimination or wrongful firing suits. How is that for a double kick in the butt, thank you Supreme Court.

I really didn’t think hard enough to conflate this irony into a single, brilliant cartooon. Instead, I give you this, because it’s obvious, concise and hopefully thought provoking. Now go, lobby for universal healthcare, the socialized version, shielded from nitpickers and nuns.